Our Story

Fearless Beginnings

Fearless 96.3 had its beginnings as Wenatchee Youth Radio.

Six local guys decided to establish a radio station as a training ground for the youth in the community. Setting out in 2003, it took 8 years and quite a lot of money to get the licensing and equipment. After a few years, all but one of the men moved away from the valley.

Since Mark Sullivan had helped them find some equipment and had shown an interest in what they were doing - as God would have it - they asked if he would like to take it over.

New Home, New Name

Now, all Mark had to do was find a place to operate from. It needed to be “neutral ground” since the purpose would be to advance God’s Kingdom ... and that’s a very big and diverse domain! As he happened into Encouraging Words Christian Bookstore, the thought came to him that the store was a natural “hub” of Christian activity.

Carol Covert said it was an “easy YES” when he asked if she wanted Encouraging Words to become the home for the studio. She was already hearing so many encouraging testimonies and becoming a place for local churches and ministries to advertise events.

So, in mid 2017, the station found a home and a new name: FEARLESS!

Local and Beyond!

The purpose of Fearless Radio is to Reclaim the Airways for Jesus. We fearlessly RE-present Jesus to lost people. The station serves local church, local ministries and local people who want to share the love of Jesus and further His Kingdom here in the Wenatchee Valley.

Tune in for advertisement-free worship, teachings, stories, and announcements!